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The project “Active Togetherness – Learning places for all ages” – ACT was shaped starting from our wish to help people become active citizens by bringing ages together. Finding a friendly environment is a big step in establishing an efficient intergenerational dialogue. This is why we focused our pedagogical approach on different dimensions of space: informal/non-formal, individual/collective, opened/closed, modern/antique, mental /experimental and many others.

We are 6 partners, with distinct profiles, able to complete a complex perspective on the same issue.  Each of us has specific needs but we all want to improve ordinary or disadvantaged adults’ lives by sharing/reminding them the feeling of togetherness, to facilitate their integration in different educational groups. We intend to become “doctors” of our target groups, offering them children-related therapy, dance, music, learning/teaching therapy.

The methods will be interactive, formative and attractive: lectures & exercises, seminars, games, dance, sailing, different forms of entertainment.

Our project is meant to prove the enriching collaboration between the organizations involved and between learners and trainers, during the whole 2 years learning process: planning, implementation, dissemination and exploitation of results.

The main final product will be a printed book, “A spatial perspective upon togetherness”, written by all the partners, learners and trainers.

Through a permanent exchange of ideas and experience, we will create a state of well-being for adults and open paths for their personal and social fulfillment.

Disclaimer: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
The publication [communication] on this website reflects the views only of the partners of the project, and the Commission (or the project partners) cannot be held responsible in any way for the use of the information contained on the website.

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